Service Summits

Get Involved! Service Summits are high-energy gatherings of civic-minded individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Non-profit representatives, community leaders, and elected officials come together to share ideas for the betterment of our communities. Service Summits provide an atmosphere of vitality and positivity, while calling all of us to productive action. Attendance at a Service Summit is a great way to re-charge your batteries and strengthen your focus before returning to the front lines of our cities and towns to make a difference! Plus, Service Summits are a chance to network with some of the most dynamic leaders of your region. The Pittsburgh Service Summit event hosts hundreds of students, young professionals, and community leaders annually to learn from keynote speakers about best practices and strategies to make a larger difference in the region. Power Hour brings difference makers and passionate leaders together each quarter to brainstorm ways to positively influence the region, assist each others businesses and organizations, and develop connections. The event also feature panelists who share about ways that attendees can make a difference. The 7th Annual Pittsburgh Service Summit will be held on March 29, 2016 at Carlow University!